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IMG_3188Do you know how many among us renounce their lives, aspirations and dreams, to a heart disease? Today, we see the alarming rate of untimely death. The rate of cardiac diseases are on an ever time high. Every minute snatches 4 lives of innocent people in India due to heart-related issues. The frightening number is 3 billion annually. More than half of this whopping figure confronts this tragic death simply because they couldn’t afford the treatment. The bitter fact is that there aremassive number of victims around us who find it impossible to meet the expenses of hospitals, medicines and the treatment.

Couldn’t we have done something for our fellow neighbour? It is the duty and obligation of each individual to rise up, join hands and do something good for the society. I desire that each and every individual should live with a healthy heart. Not a single person around us should surrender to death just because he didn’t have money to undergo a surgery. I, Ajit Ravi Pegasus, take that challenge today, to save 100 lives through 100 heart surgeries. One life, at a time! If an ordinary person like me, who works as a superintendent at Cochin International Airport, can step forward courageously and proclaim my support for this noble cause, why can’t you?

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

We have heard about CSR. This challenge is not only for companies; let’s take our ISRs – Individual Social Responsibility and put that brave foot forward today. Just like several drops make an ocean, we pray you group up for this virtuous cause. Save hearts, Saves lives through this 100 Life Challenge. Let’s plant a big, larger than life heart inside crores of humanbeings. A heart that will symbolify love and kindness, Humanity and courage.

We challenge you. You’d be honoured in respective events and the world will be inspired by you or your organisation.Pledge your support today!